Monday, April 20, 2009

Far West, Independence, Liberty, WOW!

Okay, the highlight of the Missouri trip was to visit all of the historical sites we could fit into one day. We really thought they were closer together, maps are deceptive. We walked where Jospeh walked. We followed the trails of the pioneers. What a great honor and privilege.

Replica of the printing press that was destroyedby the mob and printed the Book of Mormon.

Bus at the entrance of the visitors' center that houses the reconstructed Liberty Jail and actual floor and bricks from it. It was built to scale. Oh the suffering of Joseph.

Joseph was in the basement and guards up above. Only two tiny windows and it was latter used as an ice house that kept ice frozen all summer. No good conditions to live in.

This shows pictures of men returning to view the jail as it was crumbling. They were just young boys when Joseph was in it.

Showboat in Branson

We went on a Showboat and it was awesome. The show was neat too. They include spiritual and patriotic songs at the end of each show. They don't sell alcohol at the shows and they don't dress too skimpy, except when the imitated Las Vegas.

We went to a show in Osmond Theater called the Magnificent Variety Show. It was awesome! They had a group of entertainers, headed by a husband and wife. They even included their 4 year-old daughter. She was so poised and definitely used to performing.

We went to Branson and our first stop Thursday morning was the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum. Go figure. Bus relived his childhood and I suppose I did too.
I never did get my cowgirl outfit. When the nice man at the bar gave me $20.00, my parents bought me a coat. Hey, I was only four or five and I know I had seen Dale Evans. They took me to the bar! After seeing th outfits they wore, I can see why I wanted one.


Riding the train in Branson was fun and relaxing. We got to see the Ozarks and included a couple of pictures for your enjoyment too. They had some comfortable chairs to sit in and the view was fantastic.

I found out that trees do grow on rocky ground. I was amazed because it appears that the topsoild is only inches thick. Anyway, more posts to come. This is only a fraction of the pictures we took. More historical sites to follow.

Saturday, February 28, 2009


In progress

Fisnishing touches

I am finally adding some pictures of the kitchen floor we are replacing. It looks AWESOME! It makes a huge difference. is a lot of work.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Today Terri took my baby granddaughters to New Beginnings as if they will be twelve this year. Not happening! I still remember picking Faith up from the airport and Kristine getting a dress like all of the other girls at Christmas. Where has all the time gone? After all, I still look 21!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Cough, cough, sneeze, sneeze

Okay, I'm not too good at this blog thing. I'd rather look than write. The reovation stuff is for the birds. You start with a small job, the entry ways, and end up with a whole kitchen. It will be awesome when it is done. Now, I need new trim board, probably throughout the main part of the house, I will want to paint (argh) again. Then, the new kitchen tile will probably need new kitchen countertop. Oh, should I replace the cabinets too? Well, then I would need to replace the sink. How about new light fixtures? Then, all of my new appliances that I got a year ago will look old. Don't tell Bus...........